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Are Coinco and Coin Acceptors the same?

Yes. Coin Acceptors, Inc. is the official corporate name and Coinco is the trade name.

Do you sell or service products other than your own?

Coinco sells and services only its own products. We do not sell used or reconditioned products. Some control boards used in electronic vending machines are designed and manufactured by us, but the company that sells the machine should provide the service.

There are many different interfaces for coin changers and bill acceptors. How do I know which is used in each machine if I need a spare or a replacement?

Detailed cross-reference information is available from our services department and from our branch offices. The most common interfaces are as follows:

Single Price: Usually 110-volt beverage machines with an 8-pin connector from the coin changer and a 6-pin connector from the bill acceptor to the changer. Vend price is set in the changer and a Coinco changer will have an “S” as a prefix in the model number. The machine will not have an electronic control board.

Logic: The changer, sometimes called a “Dumb Mech”, can be either 110 volts or 24 volts. This is the older standard electronic machine. Some 24-volt models have the same 12-pin connector as the 110-volt models, so make certain the voltage is correct before applying power, or damage will be caused. Most 24-volt models use a 15-pin plug. The bill acceptor is usually a serial interface that connects directly to the control board.

MDB: This is the new industry standard and most new electronic machines use it. A 6-pin connector is standard and the changer, bill acceptor and other components connect to the control board and each other with it. Power is 34 volts DC.

How do changers detect good coins from slugs?

Older mechanical changers measure thickness,diameter and dynamic characteristics as the coins roll through the acceptor. As they exit the acceptor, they have been determined to be good or bad based on the tests and the good ones have been separated from each other. The coins then actuate switches in the coin changer to send credit pulses to the logic in the changer to be added together to initiate the vend and change payout.

Electronic changers measure coin characteristics by an array of electronic sensors located in the coin path just after entering the acceptor. Before the coin reaches the end of the track, it has been determined to be good or bad and its value has been determined. It then goes to the sorting area to be loaded into change payout tubes, or to the cash box. Upon exiting, the proper credit is issued.

A new dollar coin has been issued in the U.S. What is needed to accept it in your changers?

All of the electronic changers we have produced accept the old Susan B. Anthony and the new Sacagawea dollar coins. The changers have a switch, which allows $1 coins to be accepted or rejected. The switch will have to be turned on the accept position. You cannot accept the new and not the old. The U.S. Mint found a gold-colored alloy for the new coin that produces the same electronic signature in our changers as the old coin. Turning on the $1 accept switch will accept them both.

How do I program a bill acceptor to accept coupons?

The MagPro and BillPro bill acceptors require a small handheld field programmer available from any Coinco Service Center. The Vantage bill acceptors can be programmed by going into the menu, see the service manual.

How do I turn on $5 bill acceptance?

The MagPro requires turning on #6 switch on the circuit board, The BillPro can be programmed using the anti-cheat levers see service manual. The Vantage can be programmed using the service mode switch see service manual.

Why doesn’t my bill acceptor accept the new $5 bill?

The older bill acceptor may not be programmed for the new $5 bill. When these bill acceptors were manufactured the new bills were not available and could not be tuned for them. Most of the older ones can be updated by downloading new software contact your Coinco Service Center. On some vending machines you have to go into the menu and turn on the acceptance of the $5 bill.

Where do I send my equipment for repair?

To a Coinco Service Center listed on our website.

Do I need a coin changer if I just want to accept dollars?

No, not if you are using MDB interface and your vend price is on a dollar increment.

How many coins do I need in the coin changer to enable the bill acceptor?

It depends on the vend price but it is good to have some coins in all tubes and have at least one of the tubes filled all the way to the top to enable the bill acceptor. On some of the older changers it is best to fill the changer up the first time by going into the vending machine menu and doing a coin fill or tube fill. This ensures that the control board accounts for all the coins in the tubes and does not just rely on the low and high tube sensors.

What is MDB?

Multi Drop Bus. This is the industry standard interface for vending machines develop by Coinco.

Do I need a 3 tube changer or a 6 tube changer?

This will depend on the vend price, bills accepted and volume of sales going through the vending machine.

Can I increase my sales by accepting $5 bills?

Most definitely, tests have shown an increase mostly at the higher vend prices.

Can I increase my sales by keeping more change in the coin changer?

Keeping more change in the changer keeps the changer from running out and disabling the bill acceptor and possibly losing sales.

I want to accept credit cards. What do I need to get started?

You will need a credit card reader, wireless modem and a company to process these transactions.

If I accept credit cards, can I also accept debit cards?

Debit cards will only be accepted as credit cards.

Can I design a custom coupon to be used in the bill acceptors?

Coinco offers a online Coupon Generator where you can design your own coupons. You will have to purchase the blank coupons to print on from your Coinco Service Center.

Can I interface MDB to USB?

Yes, Coinco sells the interface box.

Do I need a coin changer and a bill acceptor if I just want to accept credit cards?

With MDB interface you can just use a credit card reader without a changer or bill acceptor.

What is the advantage of using a bill recycler compared to paying out dollar coins?

One big advantage is that you do not have to keep a large amount of change in the changer or purchase a high capacity changer. The dollars in the recycler is like having a large dollar coin tube.

In all the tube configurations why is it important to have a nickel tube?

No matter what the vend price is, a customer could insert an amount equaling a nickel over the vend price.

Do you have coin changers and bill acceptors for other countries?

Yes, Coinco offers wide variety of coin changers and bill acceptors for other countries, Contact your Sales Director.

Why is it important to use a Coinco Service Center to repair Coinco equipment?
  • We service Coinco products exclusively
  • We use only original factory parts
  • Computer aided testing and diagnostics
  • Competitive Repair Rates
  • Updates and Modifications
  • Local Sales Representation
Where do I find information on the warranty?

Please contact your Coinco Service Center for warranty information.

Do Coinco changers accept tokens?

Yes, they do.

Does Coinco sell tokens?

No, there are companies that specialize in the manufacturing of generic and custom tokens.

Does Coinco still sell single price coin changers?

No, Coinco no longer sells new single price coin changers.

Why is it important to tighten all three mounting screws when installing a coin changer?

This keeps the changers from moving around which will cause coins to jam in the reject and cash box chutes.